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We hope you will find the information on our site helpful in understanding how hypnosis can help you achieve your goal.

Whether you have a specific concern or a personal improvement goal, hypnosis can help you in a safe and confidential environment. Hypnosis can help you achieve your desired change while you remain in control.

Our hypnotherapists are New Jersey licensed mental health professionals who have graduate degrees including  MD, PhD, EDD, MSW, LAC or LPC. You can reach us at 201-368-3344 to make an appointment and ask any questions you may have.

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  1. Anger

  2. Anxiety

  3. Social Anxiety

  4. Test Anxiety

  5. Performance Anxiety

  6. Sexual Anxiety

  7. Panic Disorder & Panic Attacks

  8. Concentration

  9. Confidence

  10. Depressive Thoughts

  11. Fears and Phobias

  12. Habits

  13. Memory

  14. Pain

  15. Sleep and Insomnia

  16. Smoking Cessation

  17. Sports Performance

  18. Stress

  19. Study Habits

  20. Weight Loss


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