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Physical Pain

Physical Pain

Let us help you.

Do you have chronic, aching pain?  Would you like to reduce some of this discomfort without medication?  Hypnosis can help.

Pain tells us that there is something wrong in our body and/or mind.  Pain is real and often, instead of getting rid of it completely, we help manage it and make it more bearable.

Pain may be the consequence of several causes that are not medical, nor physical.  This is usually referred to as “psychosomatic pain” and results from psychological factors, including internal conflict or stress.  For example, you may be feeling guilty about lying to your spouse about an extra-marital affair.  The burden is weighing heavily on you, which might cause you to inflict pain on yourself to eliminate the guilt or avoid punishment by receiving sympathy.

Hypnosis is an excellent tool to help you control your pain.  Research has proven that hypnosis can help alleviate acute and chronic pain.  Studies have found it to be effective in reducing pain related to cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and burns, among other ailments. 

How does hypnosis help?

If your pain is physical, your therapist will teach you block the pain signals in the affected area.  Although your pain can be greatly reduced, it is important not to completely eliminate it as a reminder that there s still a physical condition that must be monitored and tended to.  For example, a tennis player who treats the pain of a knee injury with hypnosis must remember that there is still something physically wrong and cannot continue playing without medical intervention for the risk of damaging his knee irreversibly.

As the therapist conducts hypnosis, you will be able to concentrate on relaxing and all of your distracting thoughts begin to fade away.  Your mind focuses better and becomes more efficient.  This will allow you to receive suggestions that will help in reducing pain.  The therapist will also provide you with techniques to reinforce your new behavior.

How do I start?

If you would to alleviate some of your pain, call us at 201-368-3344.

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