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Weight Loss

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Are you tired of trying and failing diets?  Do you need help changing your lifestyle?  Are you ready to lose those few pesky pounds?  Hypnosis can help.

Hypnosis is an excellent tool in weight loss.  Today’s society struggles to maintain a healthy weight. Heart disease, diabetes, and death are common results of the current obesity epidemic.  You may be having trouble losing weight and keeping it off, but it is much easier than you may believe. 

You may want to find the fastest way to lose weight, but this is not the healthiest way.  Walking through any supermarket, magazines line the stands with headlines that advocate crash diets, or trendy, new diets and exercise plans.  Most physicians would agree that this is not only psychologically unhealthy, but physically dangerous as well. 

You might feel as though you can’t win.  You gain weight, lose weight, and gain weight again.  You might be heavier than you were before, and unhappier than ever.

Do you want to know the real secret to maintaining a healthy weight?  People who are healthy and happy with their weight usually just maintain habits they’ve grown accustomed to.  Most of these people don’t try to lose weight; they’re just used to living a certain way.

The reason hypnosis is so powerful and successful for weight loss is its ability to help you establish new, healthy habits and break the old habits you’ve been struggling with for years.  This is the best way to achieve and permanently maintain your weight loss goals.

Although we highly recommend exercise as part of a healthy weight loss plan, we understand that changes must all be gradual so that you find a very natural way to lose weight.

How does hypnosis help?

Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss and maintenance in several ways.  It aids in helping you develop a new image of yourself, with goals of what you would like to see in the future.  You will also learn relaxation techniques, as stress is a strong factor in poor eating and weight gain.  Positive thinking will be heavily reinforced, so you focus on your achievable future and not your diet or weight.  With such a positive attitude, you will, no doubt, start to lose weight.  As this weight comes off, you will start to feel even better about yourself, and such a cycle of achievement will result in overall good health and happiness.  You won’t have to deprive yourself of anything because hypnotherapy will teach you to be satisfied with moderate amounts of food.

Your weight loss process starts with an initial consultation session in which the therapist learns about you and your needs, which makes the hypnosis more effective. After the consultation you will schedule another session for the hypnosis. For the majority, especially those who carry few extra pounds, a single hypnosis session may yield positive result. Some, however, need multiple sessions to achieve the results they desire and follow-up sessions for reinforcement.  Note that our hypnotherapy is not meant for unhealthy, drastic diet plans.

How do I start?

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