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Do you have a fear that’s holding you back in life?  Would you like to rid yourself of that phobia once and for all?  Hypnosis can help.

Two distinct types of phobias exist.  Simple phobias occur when you have a single fear, such as a fear of frogs.  The fear does not extend to other objects or situations, such as a general fear of amphibians.  Simple phobias can usually and effectively be treated in very few sessions.  Complex phobias, however, are a bit more comprehensive.  They may have been initiated by a single event, or the phobia may be a symptom of some deeper, unsettled issues.  There is often an intense, emotional factor involved in the phobia, like abuse in childhood, coupled with social anxiety as a cause of agoraphobia (the fear of leaving one's home).  Typically, it is vital to resolve emotional issues in order to fully eradicate the phobia.  While hypnotherapy may prove to be quite helpful, it must be done through psychological counseling, psychotherapy, pastoral counseling, or marriage counseling.  This is a reason why we require an initial therapy session before hypnosis can begin.

How does hypnosis help?

Hypnosis is considered the most direct route to the subconscious, the place at which irrational fears are held, thereby making it a successful method to neutralizing such illogical thoughts.  Many phobias can occur as the result of a primary upsetting event, such as watching a movie about a rabid dog, and an activating event, like being bitten by a dog.  Therapy can find the root cause and desensitize the you to the fear.

Depending on you and your fear, your phobia could be resolved in few sessions. Some individuals may need more. An initial consultation session is necessary to customize your treatment and make the hypnosis as effective as possible.

How do I start?

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