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Bad / Compulsive Habits

Bad Habits

Let us help you.

Do you have an annoying habit that you just can’t seem to break?  Have you unsuccessfully tried and failed to eliminate this habit in the past?  Hypnosis can help.

Hypnotherapy can provide help and relief for many unfavorable habits.  Whether it is nail biting, stuttering or blushing, hypnotherapists may approach the problem by effectively teaching you to transform the situation into a goal, rather than a well-established habit.  It’s probably something you’ve tried to eliminate more times than you can count.  You might feel like your mind desperately wants you to stop doing it, but maybe it’s stored in a deeper part of you that just doesn’t want to cooperate. 

How does hypnosis help?

Hypnosis will reach that stubborn part of you and help you to change or eliminate the problem.  For example, if the problem is nail biting, a patient can work with a therapist to set small goals through hypnosis and work towards each with a clear focus, rather than feeling negative about stopping nail biting abruptly.  The way that the bad habits are approached varies according to what suits you best, but many techniques used include determining the cause of the problem, direct suggestion or eliminating the pattern of triggers and reactions that you have established.

Although the amount of sessions each person needs is different, many people eliminate their habits within a few sessions. An initial consultation session is necessary to customize your treatment and make the hypnosis as effective as possible.

How do I start?

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